Sunday, September 13, 2009

Yo, what up?

Okay so my blogging has been non-existent as of lately. I have been so busy/tired/overwhelmed lately that blogging hasn't had much appeal.

But now that I am unable to run or bike I have plenty of time on my hands!

My meniscus is torn is my left knee. It's going to require a scope to sew it back together. If there is enough cartilidge left in the knee they are going to shave it down so that more will regrow. I am hoping that the surgery will leave me in better shape than I am in now. I am broke down. My hamstring is so tight that my hip flexor is hypermobile and hurts all the time. Because of the meniscus tear all my weight bearing has shifted to the outside of my leg causing me to develop IT band syndrome. Like I said, pretty broke down. But my spirits are still high, I have overcome far worse injuries than this. I am able to ride indoors with light resistance, do weights with my lower body, and of course, swim. Oh how much I am going to swim! :)I am doing a month of pre-hab exercises to help strengthen my stabilizing muscles before the surgery. So much fun!

In the meantime I have taken up endurance baking. I am seriously loving baking right now! I have made homemade peanut butter cookies, a homemade carrot cake, and currently in the oven are fruit and nut bars. Other things on my to-do list are a scrapbook and possibly some cross stiching. Life's about to get exciting folks!

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Lezi said...

How is your meniscus healing up? I am another triathlete that just tore a meniscus. Curious to know how your recovery is going.