Sunday, September 13, 2009

Yo, what up?

Okay so my blogging has been non-existent as of lately. I have been so busy/tired/overwhelmed lately that blogging hasn't had much appeal.

But now that I am unable to run or bike I have plenty of time on my hands!

My meniscus is torn is my left knee. It's going to require a scope to sew it back together. If there is enough cartilidge left in the knee they are going to shave it down so that more will regrow. I am hoping that the surgery will leave me in better shape than I am in now. I am broke down. My hamstring is so tight that my hip flexor is hypermobile and hurts all the time. Because of the meniscus tear all my weight bearing has shifted to the outside of my leg causing me to develop IT band syndrome. Like I said, pretty broke down. But my spirits are still high, I have overcome far worse injuries than this. I am able to ride indoors with light resistance, do weights with my lower body, and of course, swim. Oh how much I am going to swim! :)I am doing a month of pre-hab exercises to help strengthen my stabilizing muscles before the surgery. So much fun!

In the meantime I have taken up endurance baking. I am seriously loving baking right now! I have made homemade peanut butter cookies, a homemade carrot cake, and currently in the oven are fruit and nut bars. Other things on my to-do list are a scrapbook and possibly some cross stiching. Life's about to get exciting folks!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

I am alive and well!!

I am here! Been so super busy that blogging has taken a back seat. Lot's of things been going on though....I raced at Irongirl Triathlon. It was fun, it was a "C" race for me so my goal time was 1:33:30 (yes I even had the seconds!) My actual time was 1:33:23 so I was happy with that! Sprints hurt! It was fun to race at an event where so many ladies were doing their first triathlon, they were so excited that it made it really special for me! Plus I was coaching a couple of ladies who were racing, and supporting them was fun!

Last weekend I went up to the Gaps for some good ole' fashioned arse kicking. For some reason I was convinced to go up Brasstown Bald (3 mile climb, highest elevation point in GA) Made it about 2 miles when a truck started honking at me. I was weaving all over the place because it was the only way that I could ride. I was going 2 mph, the power meter said it was 16.5 % incline and my power wattage was over 300. I had to stop. I literally felt like I was going to fall over! There was this amazing 16 y/o rider from Columbia with us, he kept trying to get me to start again by clipping in and holding on to his dad's car ( he was our sag wagon) I was like "you obviously do not know my bike handeling skills!! I ended up turning around only to find that the hill was too steep for me to get back on my bike. I walked it to a safe place and mounted the bike, squeezing my brakes as tight as possible, still going really fast. The rest of the ride was much easier, we did Hogpen last and it seemed much more managable than last time. 50 miles total. Good times!

So I am slowly reintroducing myself to the long stuff. Took too long of a break after Gulf Coast because I wasn't training for anything that required too much work. Rode 56 miles yesterday with Big Brown. He liked to kill me when he rode off and I was trying to catch him going 27 mph (it was FLAT) He likes to see me suffer!

Hope that everyone else is having an awesome summer and training hard! Congrats to everyone that raced today at Chattanooga! Heard that you guys were killing it out there!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

West Point Lake Triathlon

West Point Lake Tri is going down in history as the very first time in my triathlon life that I have ever not wanted to race. I ALWAYS want to race. I would race every weekend if I could afford it. That is how much I love to race. This time? Not so much. It turns out that racing is only fun when you train correctly. My training? All over the place. Seriously. 10,000 meters in the pool on week.....then 10 days off from swimming. Climb Hogpen.....take a five day break from the bike. Me without a plan or a purpose is obviously pretty ugly. my dad says excuses are like buttholes, everyone's got one. And for me? No excuse other than just being a bit lazy coming off Gulf Coast. So here is the skinny:

Swim: Yikes. Windy. Lake was choppy and I still can't sight worth a flip. Went off course. Matt caught me, tried to draft off him for the last 400 yards or so but he is fast little bugger. Couldn't find a good rhythm, stopped and took off my goggles to look for the buoys once and realized I was WAY off course. Gotta work on those siting skills! Swim time: 30:12 a perfect 2 min/100 meter pace....WAY too slow!

Bike: Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Usually love the bike. Not today. More negative thoughts went through my head than ever before. Thought about DNF'ing because my back, hamstrings and feet were numb. Thought about quitting triathlon. Dropped my chain and was pissed but able to get it on without stopping. Mad at myself for not changing the 11-21 cassette. Just in a BAD mood on the bike. I hate being negative! Couldn't come up with anything positive....then I started thinking about how lucky I was to be able to race in the first place! I am alive! I am healthy! Quit being a whinner! Bike time: 1:13:52 (20.2 MPH)

Run: Actually didn't feel that bad on the run. Only took one gel in on the bike so I bonked around mile 3 but other than that it wasn't that awful. Wanted to it a minute faster than I acutally did. but considering the amount of speed training I have done, I am happy with the results. Didn't get passed too much. Saw my Luna Chix Leslie and Sharon on the course which pepped me up! The Atlanta Triathlon Club volunteers were all out in full force which was fun too! Run time: 51:47 (8:22 pace)

Total Time: 2:37:44 5th place AG, 16th female OA, 118th overall male and female
Goal Time: 2:36:29

Why 2:36:29 as a goal? That was Keith's time from last year and some ice cream was riding on it! Missed it by 1 minute 15 seconds! But we had the EXACT same bike split! How odd is that?

The quest for Brusters continues......

Friday, June 12, 2009

Free Beginners Triathlon Clinic!!!

Team Luna Chix is hosting a FREE beginners triathlon clinic this Sunday, June 14th from 2-3 p.m. at the Concourse Athletic Club (8 Concourse Parkway Atlanta 30328) we will be covering basic topics including transitions, what to expect, what to bring, bike safety, tips on what to wear, nutrition, USAT rules and regulations, and much more! We will have Luna product to share and will be accepting donations for the Breast Cancer Fund.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Augusta 70.3

It appears that EVERYONE is doing this race! Like honestly, almost every triathlete that I know is going to either be racing Augusta, or there volunteering. You know how much I hate being left out of the action, so I took the plunge and signed up for the race! Yay! I am MORE than excited! I have been pretty lazy since Gulf Coast, not really following any particular training plan with no "A" race scheduled for myself. It's good to have something that I actually HAVE to train for. (Technically I don't really follow any type of plan for sprints of Oly distance races!)

In other news I am going to attempt to race this weekend at West Point Lake. Yikes. So little race specific training usually equals lots of misery. The heat will be brutal I am sure. Olympic distance racing seems to be the hardest for me! No real goals for me, just trying to qualify for some Bruster's from Scootsie if I can make a certain time goal (a very ambitious one I might add!)

Come holla at me if you see me! Some of the Luna Chix will be there too! I will be at the Atlanta Tri Club tent after the race!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Hogpen Hillclimb

I am so excited that I FINALLY got to ride up Hogpen! I have wanted to do this forever-but getting up to the Gaps is always such a hassle and never seems to fit in with the rest of my training. So when Scoots invited me along for a Gaps trip last weekend, I knew that I couldn't resist!

I have heard SO much about Hogpen, I was a little apprehensive about a climb that has left many of my friends off their bikes and walking their first time up. But it wasn't really half as bad as it's made out to be. It would have been a lot easier had I not accidently took a tramadol (pain killer) after Unicoi Gap. Oops. That was totally supposed to be for the leg pain after the ride! I got super-dizzy and sick to my stomach. But somehow I managed to make it up Hogpen and back down! My goal was not to let the mountain goat Scoots get out of sight. I can't wait to climb like that one day!

We rode a total of about 48-50 miles. It was blazing hot because we didn't start until 11am! The best part was that I didn't freak out at all on the descents, because honestly they were nothing compared to what I dealt with in Cali! After the ride was over I was even more dizzy and nauseated (pain killers on an empty stomach aren't a good idea!) We made an emergency stop at Zaxby's so I could hug the porecelin for a few minutes and then I felt better!

Congrats to Aaron for riding up Hogpen his FIRST trip to the Gaps! That's awesome!

Happy Training!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Team Luna Chix Swim Clinic!!!

Swim Clinic for Women

Where: Marist High School Pool - 3790 Ashford Dunwoody Road NE, Atlanta, GA 30319 When: 05-31-2009 Session One: 12pm-3pm Session Two: 3:30pm-6:30pm
Whether you are a beginner swimmer or advanced, join the women of Team LUNA Chix Atlanta Tri Team for a fun and highly educational swim clinic to benefit the Breast Cancer Fund.Each swimmer will experience extensive pool time and the clinic includes the following:
• Videotaping of each swimmer
• Analysis of each swimmer’s stroke and “limiters”
• Specific drills to improve stroke
• Proper stroke technique and drills will be demonstrated and practiced
• Suggestions for further swim training to achieve individual goals
• Free samples of LUNA sports nutrition products

Clinic Instructor: Coach Tim Storsteen
• Former All American and scholarship swimmer at Clemson University
• Ten years of coaching experience for U.S. Swimming, U.S. Masters Swimming, YMCA, and Triathlon Swim Coaching and certified with American Swim Coaches Assn.
• Masters Coach for Westminster Killer Whales

Please register by May 24th. Send an email to and additional details will be provided. Pre-payment is required to reserve your spot otherwise the clinic is first come first serve! Note: must be able to swim 100 yards to participate. Cost is $100 per swimmer and 50% will be donated to Breast Cancer Fund! Cash is preferred. We will also accept checks, but no credit or debit cards.